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Supercharge Your Communication Skills

Duration: 1 Day


Communication skill is such an important skillset to move ahead in corporate world and personal life. Whether it is communicating with your co-workers effectively to increase productivity or your loved ones to create and nurture a harmonious relationship, this program is right for you.


This program is for individuals who wish to become a better or even superior communicator to powerfully impart information, engage and persuade your audience.

Program Your Mind For Excellence

Duration: 1 Day


This program is for employees to raise employee awareness of their thinking patterns, the effects on behaviors and techniques to help create more effective behaviors.

Make Stress Your Friend

Duration: 1 Day


This course aims at helping the participants to manage stress to achieve optimal productivity at work. With simple and easy techniques, participants are able to change their state quickly. 


MindTrance Self Hypnosis

Duration: 2 Days


This course teaches participants how to communicate with their unconscious mind to achieve different goals in life including better health, performance, changing limiting habits and others.

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