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What Our Clients Say: Welcome

Clients' details are not revealed in order to protect their privacy

female 30 yr old

Nick Ong is a hypnotherapist who is sincere, enthusiastic, caring, patient and kind.

I didn't know why I was getting more and more unhappy. I was having more frequent suicidal thoughts. Every day I thought about how good it would be if I died.


When I talked to people around me, they always said that I think too much. Whenever I heard people say that I think too much, I got really hurt inside because I really didn’t mean to think about it. I tried hard.not to think about it, but I just couldn't do it.


I felt helpless and running in the endless darkness. Initially I only thought about hurting myself but later my temper became irritable and irritable, and gradually began to have the idea of ​​hurting others. I began to realize that something was wrong and I finally admitted that I was ill. .


In a coincidence, I saw Nick's Violet Light Life Coaching website. When I went in, I felt a strong feeling in my heart that this person was the person I had been looking for and he could help me.


Through hypnotherapy, I found out why I am depressed and having strong mood swing. It turned out that I have been suppressing my emotions. I didn't realize that I took the words of others into the subconscious, which led to the retreat of life. After treatment, I realized that the subconscious mind was really important to us.


Thanks to Nick for helping me, teaching me how to communicate with my inner child, healing myself and protecting myself. After Nick's treatment and follow-up, I didn't have suicidal thoughts and signs of strong mood swing . I recovered my heartfelt smile for five years and I am able to cry again. I am really grateful that Nick brought me the light and let me find the way out of the endless darkness.

female 60 yr old

"My name is Cheryl, I am a retired nurse and teacher living in Georgetown, Penang.

Having previously tried hypnotherapy I knew that I could benefit from learning self-hypnosis but I was a little reluctant, and too busy, to take it up. Then, only a couple of days before the Violet Light Mind Trance course commenced in 2017 I signed up for the two-day course. And, I have never looked back. 

I learned so much about the mind, how it works and how we can use our mind to change and/or improve ourselves.  I thought I knew how to relax but after I leaned self-hypnosis I realised this was a whole new level of relaxation and self-awareness. I especially enjoyed learning how to write positive suggestions which would help me in my daily life e.g changing habits and improving lifestyle patterns.

It took no time for me to learn how to go into a trance and I am now able to put myself into a deep hypnotic state very quickly. This has been invaluable when I am traveling or when I am trying not to stress out. Being able to use suggestions to feel comfortable, and even sleep, on planes was also invaluable to me.

Nick Ong is a great practitioner and teacher. His classes are easy to understand and he has such patience with his students, ensuring that we all understand what we are doing and what is going to happen as we learn to put ourselves into a hypnotic state.

Our training group was small and we were able to help each other with our learning and practice. Nick facilitated and watched over us to make sure we were all doing okay and if we forgot something he was there to guide us. Nick supported us throughout the course and has always been available to us since completing the course.

Thank you Violet Light, thank you Nick Ong. I love what Mind Trance has given me: a new sense of calm, peace and determination to improve my lifestyle."

(The details of the clients are not disclosed to protect their privacy)

male 29 yr old

"It is quite easy to write the word “Happiness” but it is really quite difficult to truly understand the meaning of this word. Some people took up to fifty or sixty years and failed to understand this word. Some even spent their entire life and failed to do so. And myself? It took me exactly 22 years from the time I was 7 until now. Now I finally understood and experienced the meaning of Happiness!


2018 February 10th was the day when I had my close encounter with Nick Ong. It is also one crucial pivotal point in my life. I still remember that day at 10am when I stepped into Nick’s office. After letting me fill up the intake form, he enquired and understood my issues and started our session.


During the session, Nick kept assisting me to uncover the root cause of the problem I’was facing. One step after another, my issues were addressed one after another. Whenever a wound was uncovered, he would patiently help me to address it. Through out the entire session, he knew very well where the issues lay. His clear and soft voice really helped, that voice with positive energy made me feel very comfortable through out the entire session.


Apart from that, he helped me to fulfil my wish. Nick helped me to express words stuck within me for years to my deceased grandmother. They were ‘Grandma, your dishes were delicious”.


Thank you, Nick, for appearing in my life and gave me a hand. If I hadn’t met you, I can’t imagine how long I would have to remain stuck in that circle. 5 years? 10 years? or even for life. It was very moving that within a few hours, it managed to change my life. Now I am full of positive energy, I’m happy everyday and I’m living my life fully! I agree with Nick that when a person is full of positive energy, good things happen. I have also found my first ever girlfriend whom I’d been waiting for 29 year. Thank you!"

male 33 yr old

"I was diagnosed by a psychologist for suffering from anxiety disorder. The solution was to take medicine, one that I did not want considering the side effects.

Through a friend's suggestion, I went to see Nick and had my first session of hypnotherapy. When I was undergoing the hypnotherapy session, I felt conscious while my body felt heavy. I understood what my hypnotherapist said and his instruction because they were very clean and clear. After my session, my head felt heavy but the feeling disappeared after a few days.


At first I was doubtful about hypnotherapy but after the first session where my hypnotherapist precisely identified my problem and the root causes, my feeling of fainting slowly reduced and disappeared shortly after that.

Thanks to Nick Ong who helped me so that I can live normally again. Although I still feel anxious sometimes but it has significantly reduced."

female 19 yr old

"My entire experience was eye opening. Undergoing hypnotherapy without any common knowledge of it and the process was intimidating at first but I immediately felt comfortable when the whole process began. I suffer from anxiety and being able to find out and understand the trigger does help with overcoming and healing from it.

After undergoing hypnotherapy, I did feel a sense of relief and a better understanding about how the conscious and unconscious mind play out in our heads. How it is being incorporated into how we are and act as a person. I was able to understand myself better after this experience.


There is still a lot of stigma about the idea of anxiety and I was somewhat ashamed of admitting that I suffer from it. However, after knowing and having a clearer knowledge about how my mind works and what factor triggers it, I realised it was a common thing that most people have. I was able to gain the knowledge about the correct techniques to prevent further attacks and how to manage it if ever I do find myself having one.


In general, it was a great experience and opportunity for me to discover myself better."

male 40 yr old

"Nick has changed my life significantly since July 2016.


Before the therapy, I was very emotional and get angry easily whenever I encounter unfair situation. This emotion had disturbed me for a long time and I became very unhappy and dissatisfied of my life until July 2016.


I didn't realise that this emotion that I felt was actually a result of my childhood experience. Nick helped me to uncover my forgotten memory. With his help in hypnotherapy, I managed to let go unhappy incidents that I experienced when I was young. After the therapy, I noticed that whenever I encounter unfair situation, I managed to recognise the emotion and respond to the emotion instead of being controlled by the emotion.


I am very thankful for Nick's help and I recommend him to anyone who would like to change his or her life through hypnotherapy."

female 43 yr old

"I was both curious and looking forward to try hypnotherapy.


I initially thought that I had got over an incident that happened 20 years ago. It turned out that I found the 'inner child' in my unconscious mind was still crying very sadly.


Nick led me to console and comfort this 'inner child' and calm her down.


This treatment helped me understand that not only had I not really let go of the incident,  I locked down ‘her’ emotions and ignored ‘her’ all this time. Only now that I have released the emotion of this ‘inner child’ and face her.


I am grateful and I thank Nick for his help."

female 30 yr old

"Before I got to know Nick, I was already aware of the existence of hypnosis, but I had never had a chance to try it until I met Nick. I wanted to give it a try as I felt my life was stuck at that moment, everything did not seem quite right. 


I felt that I was having low self esteem, I always felt that I was not good enough and going no where. So I decided to have a session with Nick. I was relaxed through out the whole therapy until I got back to the source of my low self esteem.  I started to feel scared and anxious. Nick helped me to release the past and the emotion immediately with his excellent skill and calming voice. 


After the therapy , I felt relieved and realized that I had been living a life full of tension by not loving myself enough. I found my life had changed after the therapy,  it's become better and everything flows easily and all in place. I realized that hypnosis could really help us in digging out all the sources of our frustration and help to solve or improve the situation. I am so grateful that Nick gave me a hand and help to release all the past events and emotions that no longer work for me."

female 43 yr old

"I had a hypnotherapy session with Nick to reduce my fear of 'not having enough money'. I'd just changed job and my income was greatly reduced.


From the session I got to see that my fear is due to my reluctance to accept the change. It is an unjustified fear as I always have enough to get by and have never lacked.


It helps me to have peace of mind and to be able to cope with the change more willingly."

What Our Clients Say: Testimonial

female 33 yr old

"I was looking for hypnotherapy service while I was pregnant. I spoke to several hypnotherapists and the only person who could convince me was Nick. He made me feel that I found a solution for my anxiety. I attended regression therapy and several sessions of hypnotherapy.

Now I learnt the art of loving my own self ..mind body and soul. Nick was very patient with me and he sincerely cared for my well being. I feel it was God's grace to meet Nick who has helped me to re-engineer my mind and the way I think.


If you want to renew your thinking and thought process I strongly recommend Nick's hypnotheraphy and regression sessions. He is kind, dedicated and sincerely cares for his client's well being."

male 30 yr old

"I always know I’m a person that need to be fed upon a soulful or spiritual journey in order to feel full in life. Material is never a substitute to satisfy my needs. As soon as I step into the working world, the less time I have to spend with myself, the more I feel empty. It felt like an endless nightmare that you just can’t stop falling in an unlimited dark space. Years ago, I had no idea what to do, so I reached out to a psychologist in one of the hospitals in Penang. However, I wasn’t able to afford the RM5000 deposit back then and I stopped there and continue to dwell into this endless cold, dark and lonely loophole. I also consulted people around me to find a way out, but I was labelled as ungrateful with the resources I’m having.

Until months ago, I could feel that I was on the edge of losing myself already, so I googled the word “hypnotherapy” and Nick’s website – Violet Light Life Coaching popped up and I made an appointment on regression therapy straight away, because deep inside I knew he is the one who can help me. The first time I met Nick, he was nice, gentle and not pushy. He will understand your situation and makes you feel very comfortable without any judgement. Throughout the session, Nick make me realise that, you don’t need to push yourself to go forward on your current path, you have options to go left or right. Life is full of possibilities and options, the key is you allow yourself to! 

After few follow up sessions, I feel less suffocated and this made me wanted to know more, so I signed up for MindTrance program that’s conducted by Nick. The 2 days program was very fruitful indeed, I learnt a lot how to get along with myself in order to bring out the best of me and of course I also get to know a lot of great people. I remember Nick asked us about how we think during the end of the class. I remember I said the reason I signed up for this class is because I don’t want to give in to what’s currently happening in my life, because I know it has yet to bring in the best of me! I was very proud to myself and all of our classmates as before we are able to unleash our greatest potential, we have the courage to face our own problems and all of us did that.


With Nick’s patience and guidance, I’m able to see more hope in my upcoming life because I know the unconscious mind is unlimited and I have much more to offer. Nick guided me and our classmates to discover the best side of us/ life. After the class, Nick also follow up on our progress on our self-hypnosis progress. After learning self-hypnosis, things around me just felt lighter, brighter and friends around me also said that my aura feels better. I was pulled out from a dark hole and now I’m on my journey to a brighter future. Thank you, two words is too small to appreciate Nick’s guidance.

A month later, I also signed up for another class conducted by Nick called “Oh- Cards”, Oh cards is a technique to communicate with your subconscious mind, but with a visible tool. Oh cards leads to communicate with your subconscious mind with a more accurate answer to solve the questions in your life. Besides, oh card also able you to assist people around you that need help in their life.
Everyone is a gem in their life, you just need to unlock it and find the treasure within you and Nick is the key! Thank you Nick!"

female 30 yr old

"I was going through some emotional roller coaster, and mainly because of work stress and I can’t seem to find a solution to comfort those emotions. And it made me feel frustrated and tired, because it wasn’t me at all !
When I pour out my concerns to a good friend, she shared with me about Mindtrance program and Nick and how it helped her tremendously. I was amazed by her story and told myself maybe this is what I needed too. 
I am so glad I did attend the Mindtrance program. We learned about our unconscious mind that is such a powerful tool, and it was within us all the time, ready to unleash! Also, the method on how we could actually overcome our fears and those emotions and thoughts that has been affecting all our lives. 
And I walked away with another very important lesson that Nick had taught me, to love and accept yourself. A phrase that I hear a lot but does not sync into me, until now. And I realized it was something that I needed to do at this moment of my life.
During the two days session, it was fun and interactive with Nick sharing all his knowledge. We laughed, shed some tears while sharing our problems. It was a learning process that we went through together, and coming out stronger and wanting to be better. 
I was fully focus to what Nick was teaching, and eager to learn more that lead me to read some books recommended by Nick. And I find myself enjoying it and remembered how I used to enjoy reading so much but stop since I step into work life. I am picking up reading again now.
After the program ended, Nick created a little community that we could keep in touch. I love the vibe and bonding that we have, as we motivate and checking on each other. The friends that I made from this program was an unexpected bonus that I will cherish forever. 
And missing all my friends, I went back again to attend the OH card workshop. This is another powerful and amazing tool that we could use to help our friends and families to connect with their unconscious mind while seeking for answers.  And indeed, my friends have been amazed by this stack of cards.
As I feel I am getting better at connecting with my unconscious mind, I look forward to discover more about myself everyday and most important, I know better how to handle my emotions, instead of letting the emotions to take over me.
A big thank you to Nick from the bottom of my heart for this amazing yet precious experience and everything thing that you have taught us! THANK YOU!"

female 24 yr old

"In the face of repeated setbacks and failures, it is inevitable to want to do some stupid things to get out of pain.

In a video, I saw that hypnotherapy could help solve my current problem. So I met Nick.

I received a hypnotherapy. The process was just a few hours, and it miraculously solved the problem that had been plaguing me for more than 10 years. I am not exaggerating, it is true.


I also learned a word in the treatment - "subconscious". In the process of hypnosis, I was awake.

This also made me have a new understanding of hypnosis.


Thanks to Nick for his unselfish sharing, I also became interested in hypnotherapy.

I hope that in the near future, I can help myself and help other people in need."

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