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Regression Therapy

Regression therapy, a journey back in time to recover memories and explore events from the past, is a profoundly transformative work. All of our experiences and emotions that they aroused dating from birth and even before are recorded in our bodies, minds and souls.

At unconscious level, these memories create our beliefs, habits and patterns that govern the way we react to events, circumstances and people surrounding us. In many cases where these memories influence us negatively, we suffer repeated disturbing emotional patterns or limiting beliefs that affect the quality of our lives.

In a regression therapy session, you will be guided back into your childhood, into womb or even into long forgotten past lives depending on where the root cause of the matter lies. While it helps to release elements that are holding us back, regression therapy can also be leveraged to reactivate the resources we used to have that was long forgotten.

Going back in time through hypnotic regression brings new perspectives and healing for individuals in a way no other therapy can achieve.

Simply put, we are everything we have experienced and who we have ever been before. The sum total of us as beings is beautifully recorded energetically within us.

Regression is done for 3 main reasons:

1)To release something that is holding us back, whether it be an emotion, a phobia or a limiting belief.

2)To retrieve something that serves or empowers us, whether that be a feeling that we need more of in our current life or a belief that helps us to draw more strength within us more easily.

3)To explore for insights and growth, that will in turn allow us to move forward in life with greater understanding and clarity.

Regression Therapy: Service
Regression Therapy: FAQ


During Hypnosis, do I lose consciousness and control?

No. During hypnosis, the mind enters a relaxing and natural occurring state that happens in our daily life. The body is very relaxed while the mind is conscious and aware of what is going on. A person under hypnosis has the control to end the hypnotic state anytime he/she wishes.

Do hypnotists have special magical power?

A hypnotist or hypnotherapist does not have so-called special magical power. He/She is a normal person who has the knowledge and skills of how to help clients reach hypnotic state to allow better communication with the unconscious mind.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Not everyone can be hypnotised. While majority of the population can be hypnotised, there are certain groups of people who have challenges to be hypnotised. They are generally:

  • Infants & Children under 3 or 4 years old

  • Psychotic persons who are withdrawn and not able to concentrate​

  • People with IQ under 70 who find it difficult to understand instruction

  • Paranoid persons who are not trusting​

  • People over 80 years old who find it difficult to concentrate

Under hypnosis, will I do anything I am ordered to do?

As you are never totally unconscious unless you fall asleep during the session, you remain in control to reject any suggestions that are unethical and inappropriate.

Are people who go in hypnosis easily weak willed?

People who go in hypnosis easily have the ability to relax while remain focused in their mind. People who are experienced in meditation, concentration exercise in general enter hypnotic state easily. This has nothing to do with whether the person is strong or weak willed.

Can hypnotherapy effect a cure in just 1 or 2 sessions?

While there are cases where 1 or 2 sessions of hypnotherapy produce great improvement or even cure, it depends on the conditions of each issue and the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in regards to the kind of issue being addressed.

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