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Violet Light Life Coaching

Violet Light Life Coaching aspires to assist clients in achieving goals in life by communicating better with unconscious mind via hypnotherapy and other modalities.

Humans are beings of mind, body and soul of which balance is required for a person to achieve one's highest potentials in all aspects in life. More and more researches and discoveries have revealed and proved the connection between the physical health conditions and the mental states especially the influence of the latter on the former.

Understanding that the unconscious mind is in charge of the autonomic nervous system (both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system) governing all bodily functions, it is not difficult for one to imagine what could be achieved if communication with the unconscious mind is made possible.

Emotion is the language of the unconscious mind. Emotions created in past experience quite often linked to the memory of the experience. Some of these emotions may be the negative ones that are affecting one's life either physiologically or mentally. In most cases, relief or cure could be achieved by communicating with the unconscious mind via the help of hypnotherapy.

Limiting beliefs or habits are programs in the unconscious mind that affect many people and prevent them from realizing their true potentials. These beliefs and habits might be developed in early stage of life and reinforced constantly by repetition in actions and thoughts. The cycle continues endless until they are changed at the unconscious level.

Violet Light Life Coaching's mission is to provide an door open to clients who want and need to better their current lives or unleash their true potentials via hypnotherapy and other modalities that able to bring balance to mind, body and soul. Our services include:

Regression Therapy

Time Lin Therapy

NLP Coaching

Emotion Freedom Technique

Hypnotherapy for:

- Stress Management

- Emotion Management

- Pain Management

- Weight Management

- Smoking Cessation

- Insomnia

- Self Esteem

- Overcoming limiting beliefs

Let the inner light shine through.

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