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Effective Communication Training


Communication skills are the most highly regarded skills among soft skills. In today’s competitive business world, having superior communication skills gives one an unfair advantage to be successful. The ability to communicate effectively has profound effects on ones professional as well as personal life.


This program is for individuals who wish to become a better or even superior communicator. This training offers insights to the secrets about how we communicate at conscious and unconscious level and effective tools and techniques to enable communication at multiple levels. The result is the supercharge of the ability to impart information, engage and persuade your audience.


This program is very useful for all individuals who wish to greatly enhance their communication skills


How will you benefit

Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Communicate with power and conviction

  • Identify and remove barriers to communicate effectively

  • Manage difficult discussion

  • Motivate with effective communication technique

  • Nurture and promote desired behaviours

  • Diffuse office conflict and miscommunication


1 day (8 hours)

Key contents:


Module 1 – Introduction and Course Overview

Module 2 – Understanding how we communicate

Module 3 – Creating a good foundation for communication

Module 4 – Creating Connection in Communication

Module 5 – The art of Engaging

Module 6 – Diffusing Conflicts & Managing challenging situations

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for everyone.


This is a highly interactive training program, whereby participants are to gain the learning points through experiential activities. 

Training Fee

RM 700 per person

Upcoming Training Dates

30 July 2023

22 Oct 2023

Supercharge Your Communication Skills
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