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- Induces deep relaxation

- Reduces stress

- Preparation for good night sleep

- Promotes general well being


This track brings the listener along a journey of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. While listening to the voice of Nick Ong, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, supported by trance inducing background music composed by musician Nicholas Ong, the listeners slowly move into alpha state and then theta state.


By listening to this track, the listeners reach a state of deep relaxation in which the body returns to a natural state that promotes restoration and rest. This helps to regulate the mental and physical stress to a healthy level which brings long term benefits to physical and mental health. 


Listening to this track at night helps one relax and allows the brain to switch to alpha and theta state, a good preparation for a restful sleep. This allows one to enter deep sleep more easily, a state that is vital in body cell repair and restoration as well as deep data processing of the mind. To reach optimal condition, one need one third of the sleeping time in deep sleep.

Deep Relaxation & White Light - Nick Ong

​Customer Testimonials

Eugene O

Male 30 yr old

(bought both versions)

The first time I listened to Nick's deep relaxation audio track, I deeply felt the effect of deep relaxation, and then I slept through the night and felt full of energy the next morning!


The background music in the audio track is very comforting, and gives a feeling of floating up, floating and floating.


Furthermore, Nick's deep and soothing voice makes people feel at ease and comfortable. Listening to Nick's guiding the steps of relaxation from head to toe, one slowly relaxes.


Even better , after reaching relaxation, the audio track is not over. It continue with white light visualisation. In fact, it doesn't matter if you fall asleep at this time, because the subconscious is still working and will continue to listen.


I sincerely recommend this deep relaxation audio track for those who are looking for relaxation.


Female 35 yr old

(bought both versions)

I thank Nick for introducing me this “Deep relaxation & white light” audio track.


It is such an awesome audio track that makes me so relaxed and releases my stress whenever I need it anytime and anywhere.


By following his instructions, I feel so relaxed when I’m listening to it.


It releases all my stress and makes me so energetic after that.


Awesome product from Nick!



Girl Relaxing
Woman Sleeping

Daytime version

Code Name: DRWLED

Before Sleep Version

Code Name: DRWLEN

Track Length :

16 minutes 56 seconds

Track Length :

17 minutes 19 seconds

RM 50.00

RM 50.00

Girl Relaxing
Woman Sleeping

Both Versions

Code Name: DRWLEB

Track Length :

16 minutes 56 seconds

17 minutes 19 seconds

RM 80.00

Payment Method 1

(for local customers)

Step 1:

Bank in or transfer online to this bank account:​​​​

    Bank Name           : Public Bank

    Account Number  : 3208759427

    Account Name      : Violet Light Life Coaching & Training PLT

Step 2:

Send the bank in or transfer receipt with the

code name to


Payment Method 2

(for overseas customers)

Daytime version

USD 12.50

Before Sleep Version

USD 12.50

Both Versions

USD 20.00

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