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Since 2016, we assist clients in achieving their goals in life by reprogramming the unconscious mind via hypnotherapy, personal NLP coaching and highly effective NLP based training programs. We have helped companies including multinational companies and established Malaysian companies to boost employees' productivity via upgrading their emotional resilience in order to maximise their return on investment and gain competitive advantage.

We also assist individuals through personal coaching and clinical therapy sessions to enrich their lives in personal emotion management, relationships, career and mental health.

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Just like an iceberg, our conscious part is about 10% while the remaining 90% is the unconscious part of our mind. This normally hidden part of our mind governs our emotions, habits, beliefs, body immune system and long term memory.


When the old programs created in the past and stored in our unconscious mind no longer serve us, they normally affect us in a negative way. They can be old limiting habits and beliefs that are stopping us from achieving our goals or even old emotions that keep repeating themselves.

Improvement on physical or mental conditions could be achieved when communication with the unconscious mind is made possible.

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